repairing pipe under sink

Residential Plumbing & Heating for the Moncton Area

Dunnett Bros Plumbing & Heating Ltd handles everything on the residential side of plumbing. As our main focus of the business, we have collected years of knowledge and experience in the area. Not only can a plumbing problem be an inconvenience, it can cause water damage to your floors, walls, and ceilings. At Dunnett Bros, we give you a complete service you can count on. From the initial quote to supplying you with products, our work is always honest, fast, and the highest quality. Some general repairs include:

• Sinks
• Drains
• Faucets
• Bathtubs and Showers
• Toilets
• Garbage Disposals

Hydronic Heating
Dunnett Bros also provides residential heating services, such as hydronic heating installation and repair. Save on your energy bills by installing this heating method in your floors and baseboards. With tubing running hot liquid beneath your floors, you can lower you heating costs with better energy control. You can even decrease your impact on the environment with this innovative heating technique.